Ever since its foundation, ATHANASSIOU S.A. has been investing on a regular basis in facilities in order to meet the requirements of the entire supply chain.


The company has privately-owned facilities of 30,000 m2 in Athens, warehouses and offices of 12,500 m2 in total with a capacity of 12,000 pallets (or 220,000 cases), while it provides 24-hour security.

Moreover, ATHANASSIOU S.A. provides insurance for all products regarding the stages of warehousing and transport.



ATHANASSIOU S.A. uses privately-owned and third-party trucks, fully equipped with secure tracking and traceability systems.

We also provide the option of transport of goods that require special maintenance conditions, according to the specifications of their suppliers.

In addition, the company has warehouse machinery, such as side-lift forklift trucks (VANs) and 20 ramps of adjustable height.